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It all starts with You.

I believe people lead from the inside out. Who you are is how you lead your life, how you lead your world. The more you develop and grow as a person, the better leader you become. When there is congruence between who you are and what you are putting out into the world, and when you are clear about your sense of purpose and what you are contributing, you are more engaged, fulfilled and high performing.

However, growth and success does not just happen. You have to be intentional and invest in your personal and professional development. I work with driven, high achieving professionals and teams around the world across the small business, corporate, public and non-profit sectors. They are visionary, biased towards action and brilliant at what they do.

They come to me for training and coaching because they know there is more for them than what they have and are experiencing now. They desire to grow, develop, make an impact, and operate at their full potential in a way that is true to their authentic self.

I've been where you are ...

I get it. I’ve been there. I have navigated some significant career and leadership transitions of my own. Truth is it's hard work. Levelling up and stretching yourself and your team outside of your comfort zone is, dare I say it, uncomfortable and may feel daunting. I can help you and your team do it without the frustration and guess-work. And help you bring more of who you are into what you desire to accomplish. We work together on shaping your vision, developing your strategy, and building your confidence to lead effectively in your sphere of influence.

I bring over 20 years of international management experience across various sectors, nationalities and cultures. I have shaped and delivered complex projects and programs in developed and developing regions in the healthcare and education sectors, and have been involved in the start-up of two transnational institutions in joint collaborations between British, American, Chinese and Singaporean institutions. I have travelled across over 40 countries and lived and worked in the UK, South Africa, China and Singapore.

I hold a Diploma in Transformational Coaching and I am an ICF internationally accredited coach and a DISC Behavioral Consultant. I am a certified member of the renowned John Maxwell Team of leadership coaches, speakers and trainers. I am also passionate about playing my part in tackling workplace diversity and empowering women to raise their personal capacity, and as such am a mentor with the Aspire Foundation. In addition to my global coaching clients, I have delivered high-impact leadership training in China, Singapore, Paraguay and the UK.


My expertise brought to the table, to give you tangible results….

Reflective cross-cultural immersion, and my extensive training and experience as a healthcare professional across a variety of clinical contexts, have enhanced my understanding of people, in all their complexity, at their most vulnerable and fearful, and at their most resilient and powerful. This cross-cultural discernment, interpersonal understanding and international leadership experience are invaluable assets when I work in partnership with you - in understanding your needs in the context of your personal and professional demands, and to achieve outcomes that are relevant and matter to you. 

My training and coaching approach is authentic, culturally astute and practical. I believe in adding value to individuals and organisations through values-based, outcomes-driven leadership and personal development, with integrity, creativity and excellence as its hallmark.

Life is an adventure and is so much bigger than we often allow ourselves to imagine or believe. Don't leave your dreams to chance. I am here to help you and your team to confidently go in the direction of your goals, take your game to the next level and create your extraordinary.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!