Workshop Training

"Brilliant Speaker"

Renay is a brilliant speaker, very engaging and entertaining. I loved the way she was able put the audience at ease and get them to be interactive during her sessions. I find that her endearing personality creates impact with the audience. They all leave feeling that they have just made a close friend. In addition, the material presented is extremely useful and relevant. The audience was left encouraged and inspired to continue exploring and put into practice what they have just learnt. I absolutely look forward to having her as a speaker again in the near future.
— Dr Nicoleen Johnson, WOH, Shanghai

"Brought a wealth of expertise."

Thanks so much for your insight, wisdom and practical tips, Renay. You brought a wealth of expertise and set a high standard for the workshop! 
— S King, Women in Leadership Network, London

"Absolutely wonderful"

Renay was absolutely wonderful and I feel so lucky to have spent a morning listening to her advice and wisdom. There was so much that I took away with me, especially the 'lid' concept, how to deal with toxic people in the workplace, and realising that I am an intuitive leader (and that is a good thing)!
— V Irwin, Senior Leader in Education

"Hugely inspirational and informative."

I really appreciate the time and effort that went into the course, it truly was brilliant. Hugely inspirational and informative. I got so much out of it.’ 
— Lucy McLaren, Senior Strategist

"Charismatic and highly engaging."

Renay’s organisation and attention to detail from start to finish was highly commendable. She is charismatic and highly engaging.’’
— E Moore, Senior NHS Clinical Specialist


transformational Coaching

“My coaching journey has been transformational”

My coaching journey with Renay has been transformational in defining the next phase of my life - in an unexpected, challenging and now exciting way! I wouldn't have got to this place without her insights and thought provoking guidance. I set out on this process to understand what options there were for the next stage in my career - after undertaking a two year, organisation wide change programme I was feeling underwhelmed by my career options and needed help to find where to direct my passions and energy next. Renay took me back to basics - to understand why I am who I am, what my core values are, what drives me, motivates me and what I need to be fulfilled. I discovered that this phase of my life is for me to enjoy what I have built over the past years and create balance in my life and that there are exciting career opportunities all around me where I can make the greatest difference to the things that matter to me. I have a clear view about how to make the is a HUGE change for me as I have been in career overdrive mode for the last 30+ years! I have learned to trust the process, get help around me to keep me on track and allow myself to nurture my priorities one at a time. It's been a blast and I recommend you spend some of your time and energy working with Renay if you are able :) My expectations were met and then some!

- Anna Clodfelter, CEO, University of Portsmouth SU, UK

"Helped me grow in my identity and confidence"

I have been working on the mind shift and I'll be honest, it's been uncomfortable but I believe it has helped me grow in my identity and confidence so much. I'm truly blessed by your encouragement and wisdom!
— F Aferwerki, Creative Director

"My expectations were certainly met and more".

When I began my coaching journey, I was in the midst of thinking through my next step professionally. I was considering three somewhat different paths but struggled with how best to evaluate them. Working with Renay was a truly eye-opening experience, and ended in a different and much better place than what I had initially expected. Renay helped me to take a broader perspective – beginning with understanding my personal values, establishing a money goal and unpacking my assumptions about what that brings, connecting career goals with life goals, and breaking down my different paths to pull out the core elements that I need in a future position and workplace. Ultimately, Renay supported me in crafting an ideal job description. With this, I feel much more grounded in what I need and have a roadmap to follow. My expectations were certainly met and more. I’m excited for what lies ahead. Thank you!

– CM, Director, Non-Profit Sector

"Not only helped me to get closer to my dream job, but also my dream life"

For the last couple of years I have been considering leaving my current job and becoming a full-time artist, but at the beginning of this coaching journey I don't think I truly believed that this was possible - I had too much self-doubt and was confused about the direction I might go in, and this resulted in procrastination. Having taken this coaching journey with Renay, I am now not only clearer about the path I want to take, I also have a lot more self-confidence and self-belief, and I have cultivated good habits (like planning my time better) which ensure that things get ticked off my 'to do' list sooner. The most valuable thing I got was recognition of my goal and the support of someone who believed I could achieve it. What felt like a 'dream' before now feels completely achievable because I am taking concrete actions to get closer to what I want and have already seen results in the form of new collaborations and commissioning work. I also have a new website and a much clearer idea of the steps I need to take next. Renay has not only helped me to get closer to my 'dream job', but also my 'dream life', the way I want to live day to day, by ensuring that my values are clear and I work in a way that suits me. 
- Vicky Harris, Artist, Singapore

"A breakthrough moment"

You have held me accountable. I have learnt that I need to be committed to making a change and that I need to challenge myself much more. The journey has required introspection, clarity on what I actually want and then a series of actions to put me on the right path, which have resulted in my organisation paying for the two training courses that I requested, and with a breakthrough moment at this year’s appraisal with my current line manager. I have discovered that I could actually swim instead of doing the proverbial doggy paddle! 
— SN, Business Operations Professional

"Incredibly fruitful experience"

This experience has been incredibly fruitful for me.  It was so helpful to start by learning more about myself – personality, strengths, weaknesses and leadership qualities – and to identify my priorities for the sessions. Through each session, I had the chance to think more purposefully about dynamics and elements of my work environment, and strategise around how to navigate them. Identifying my spheres of influence was critical to thinking about my role within my organisation and how I could increase in my leadership and visibility. I was also able to brainstorm strategies to deal with challenges in management, create my own mandate at work, and enhance my profile. I have now moved up into a senior leadership role. Thank you!
— MCA, Research and Evaluation Advisor


I found coaching with Renay invaluable as I planned and made a transition in career. From the first session, Renay listened well, understood the complexities in my situation, and helped me forge a path ahead. Throughout the coaching sessions she ensured I was on track to meeting my goals and as I talked through the various challenges I was facing, gave expert guidance on how to handle various stakeholders and negotiations as I made the career transition. I hoped to receive from coaching a knowledgeable sounding board to help me navigate a career change. More than that, I came away equipped with a clear career plan to take forward and the reassurance that it's well considered. I have also learnt what tools I need to implement to manage my weaknesses and ensure I stay on track with my goals. I have recommended Renay to friends as I now see that having a coach to help you through making challenging transitions is transformative. 

- Lucy McClaren, Senior Strategist, Scotland


Group Program

"Inspiring. It differed so much from the standard courses on this topic."

Thank you so much for organising such an inspiring group study which differed so much from the standard courses on this topic. I have learned that personal and leadership growth has no finish line, and you can start even when you are in the corridor of retirement, as in my case. The group was professionally and culturally diverse. Yet, despite the differences, you were able to bring synergy to the meeting in each and every session.
— E Pneh, Senior NHS Practitioner

"It was an eye and mind opening experience" 

— C Maciel, Freelancer


Renay's facilitation of the session opened me up to another area and insight into leadership. I feel inspired by Renay, whose knowledge and experience, as well as her honesty and calm approach has been enlightening.
— L Desvignes, Senior Organisational Leader, Education Sector

"I learned alot"

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Renay was very clear and well-spoken. I learned a lot during these 6 weeks.
— R Maestre, Senior Education Specialist